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Each year nearly 800,000 strokes occur in America, with approximately 200,000 occurring in patients who have had a previous stroke.1

Improved blood pressure control is one of the top modifiable actions to reduce repeat stoke.2, 3

AIRx Health offers focused blood pressure remote monitoring and management to help keep your blood pressure within medical goals.

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What Is It?

A stroke is a sudden interruption in the blood supply of the brain. Most strokes are caused by an abrupt blockage of arteries leading to the brain (ischemic stroke). Other strokes are caused by bleeding into brain tissue when a blood vessel bursts (hemorrhagic stroke). Because stroke occurs rapidly and requires immediate treatment, stroke is also called a brain attack.

Did You Know?

Clinical studies have shown that improved blood pressure control can reduce the risk of having an initial stroke by 46%.4

Clinical data published in JAMA Neurology of over 1200 patients found that improved blood pressure control reduced the risk of having a repeat stroke by over 22%.5

Our Treatment

The Kit

You will be mailed a remote monitoring kit to measure your vitals and symptoms on a daily basis. The kit will include (1) blood pressure monitor, (2) a brochure describing your remote monitoring program and (3) a symptom sheet with instructions for your daily check-in.

Your Measurements

You will be provided an OMRON blood pressure monitor and cuff to measure your blood pressure and heart rate, which will be reviewed daily by your medical team via the AIRx Health Platform.

OMRON manufactures the #1 doctor recommended blood pressure monitors.

The Daily 1-Minute Call

Each day you will complete a short call to discuss your symptoms and care plan. Physicians using the AIRx Health platform will review changes in your symptoms, your vitals and other information to decide whether any medical action is needed, such as adjusting your treatments or recommending additional medical care.

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