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The AIRx Health monitoring platform is currently being used by one of the top US medical institutions to monitor patients who test positive for COVID-19. We are now expanding our COVID-19 monitoring to you to facilitate medical supervision during quarantine. While many patients with COVID-19 are asymptomatic, some patients develop symptoms which can worsen over days and persist for weeks or even months. With AIRx Health, you can check-in daily with doctors who have experience taking care of COVID-19 patients.

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Home Monitoring vs Testing.
What's the difference?

The United States continues to have a shortage of COVID-19 testing kits and a limited ability to process COVID-19 results quickly. Even as testing capability increases, the medical recommendation is the same: patients who test positive for COVID-19 are asked to self-isolate and monitor their symptoms at home. However, patients often self-isolate without medical supervision. By using the AIRx Health platform, patients can connect with an experienced clinical team to review their daily medical information during their COVID-19 isolation period and have increased access to medical care.

Quarantine with Medical Supervision: How It Works

Online Assessment

Provide basic information about your current health status and complete required consent forms using a secure platform. You will be connected to a physician on the AIRx Health platform who will create a personalized monitoring plan based on your medical history. Some patients may be shipped a monitoring kit depending on what devices are already accessible at home.

Daily Check-in

Each day, report how you are feeling through a secure online link sent via SMS text or by calling a toll-free number. This assessment takes approximately 3 minutes. If you forget, you will receive a reminder to complete your check-in.

More Efficient Medical Response

Your monitoring data will be securely sent to a physician and clinical team via the AIRx Health platform to track your recovery daily and recommend any medical interventions or follow-ups.

Disclaimer: AIRx Health daily COVID-19 check-ins are not a replacement for primary medical care, nor is it appropriate for urgent or emergency care.  COVID-19 can progress rapidly and you may require hospitalization.  You should contact your primary care provider for medical care and call 911 in the case of an emergency.

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