Democratizing Access to Healthcare

AIRx Health is tackling the top causes of hospitalization and death in America. For decades, healthcare in our country has been reactive, waiting for patients to develop serious issues before providing care. Chronic conditions, and now COVID-19, have disproportionately impacted people 65 and older, minorities, and underserved communities. There continues to be a growing shortage of medical doctors in America and most patients have limited access to top medical institutions based on geography. Change is long overdue.

We believe that our family members and friends, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or proximity to leading medical centers, deserve access to the best preventative care. AIRx Health was founded by a Stanford trained MD who realized that medical teams can drastically improve care by checking in with patients for 1 minute each day. To design a new model of preventative healthcare in America, we have built AIRx Health to allow medical teams to proactively check in with millions of patients daily to identify and treat key medical issues early. By using AIRx Health, medical teams are able to improve outcomes for more patients at lower cost, all while providing continuous care and a better experience for patients.


AIRx Health was created in 2019 by a team of medical professionals, software engineers, and advisors whose backgrounds include Stanford, Harvard, MIT, UCLA, Google, and Square.

Profile of Vijay.

Vijay Rajasekhar, MD CEO

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Profile of Marlon.

Marlon Castillo, MBA COO

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Meet A Few Of Our Team Members

Passionate. Driven. Accomplished.

Profile of Michelle.

Michelle Howard

Product Manager

Profile of Vivek.

Vivek Poola

Software Engineer

Profile of Frank Buncom IV

Frank Buncom IV

Head of Product

Medical Advisors

Our technology has been designed alongside leading healthcare experts

Profile of Dr. Nirali Vora.

Dr. Nirali Vora, MD

Stroke specialist

Stanford University

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Profile of Dr. Stephen Ruoss.

Dr. Stephen Ruoss, MD

Clinical Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care

Stanford University

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Our Investors

At AIRx Health, we pride ourselves in building a diverse team with a diverse investor base. We are over 63% female funded.

Hear from a few of our investors.

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"OMRON Ventures invested in AIRx Health to provide better outcomes for patients with high blood pressure, stroke, and respiratory diseases. Chronic Conditions are a global problem. OMRON’s healthcare business is a world leader in medical hardware, including blood pressure monitoring technologies. We look forward to supporting AIRx Health on a mission to improve millions of lives.”

Tomoko Inoue - CEO, OMRON Ventures
Omron is known for creating the world's #1 doctor recommended blood pressure monitors.
ACME capital logo.

"ACME Capital invests at the intersection of healthcare and technology. We see a large opportunity in virtual care models to deliver better patient care at scale. Healthcare should not be limited to the doctor’s office. AIRx Health is audaciously providing technologies needed to care for some of our sickest and highest risk patients - who happen to also be our parents, grandparents, and loved ones."

Tiffany Ho - ACME Capital
Investors in PillPack (acquired by Amazon), PillClub, Curology, Doctor On Demand, Tia Health.
Floodgate logo.

"Floodgate backs Prime Movers before others believe. We are proud to be the first investors to back AIRx Health."

"Innovation in healthcare is incredibly complex. AIRx Health is not afraid to work on a massively meaningful goal: to reduce the top causes of death in America by redefining access and scalability of healthcare."

Ann Miura-Ko - Co-founding partner at Floodgate
Investments include Lyft, Okta, Twitter, Clover Health, Bot MD
Village capital logo.

“We are impressed with AIRx Health’s ability to innovate. When the first cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in California (before COVID-19 became a pandemic as we know it today), AIRx Health adapted their virtual monitoring platform immediately and without hesitation. Their platform is now being used by one of our nation’s top medical institutions to further research COVID-19."


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